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Francis Frangipane Breaking the Power of Disappointment
By Francis Frangipane
(En Español)

The Enemy's Work
One may argue, "But I know people who were good Christians who have fallen away." Yes, but in most cases you will find that prior to falling away they fell into deep disappointment about a failed spiritual expectation. Disappointment is not just a sad emotional state of mind; deep disappointment actually can sever our hearts from faith. It can "dis-appoint" us from our appointed destiny.

I have known many who were doing well, moving toward their destiny. The future God had for them seemed close enough to taste. Then they became disappointed in someone or...

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Updates on Pastor Francis and Denise's son Justice:

April, 24 - Justice is home and is doing well. Doctors warned he would be on pain meds 24/7 for two to four weeks, possibly longer But Justice hasn't felt the need to use pain medication except when he's sleeping. Please continue to thank God for all the manifestations of His healing presence.

We thank God for each of you who stood in the gap during this time. We can't thank you enough. You touched God's heart and ours.
April 21 - Justice will be coming home from the hospital today. This is an important milestone. He'll be wearing a neck brace. The doctors have said the next two or three weeks of rehab will be painful, so please continue to keep him in your hearts and prayers. Thank you!
April 18 - Thank you for standing with us as we pray for our son, Justice. As most of you know, last weekend he suffered a broken neck and crushed vertebrae. A great many people have been praying for him (and us). In answer to your prayers, here are just some of the ways the Lord is healing.

Justice has movement and feeling in his extremities. He can walk and climb stairs. His healing is progressing. According to his neurosurgeon, his "perforated vertebral artery" is "actually as normal as if there wasn't any accident at all." While Justice still has a long way to go, I doubt many could tell that just last weekend Justice was in critical condition suffering from a broken neck.

So with tears of gratitude in our eyes, we thank God and you. Please continue to stand with us in prayer. And while we are believing for the "suddenlies" we are also prepared for the long haul, which typically involves lots of painful rehab. Yet, together with your prayers, and with God's grace, we will prevail. --Francis and Denise (Mt 12:20)
April 16 - We are in California with Justice. Please keep him in your prayers and pray from a position of faith and compassion. Nearly every area of his spirit, soul and body needs our Father's healing embrace.
April 14 - Update on Justice's condition. He has feeling in all extremities. He's still heavily medicated but the Lord's presence, through your prayers, is covering the hospital room. Don't stop praying! He is only at the beginning of his recovery. We will be flying to southern California tomorrow. Thank you for standing with us and praying for our son!
April 13 - Our son Justice suffered a critical accident today and he is in surgery. Please pray with us for him. He experienced a broken neck and crushed vertebra. Thank you for your faith-filled prayers.

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Possessing the Mind of Christ

Today America is overstocked with angry Christians. What can we do? We must turn our indignation into intercession. We must make our heartache work for us, aligning ourselves with Christ in the prayer of redemption – actually praying for those who persecute us. --In Christ’s Image Training —In Christ's Image Training

Prayer Focus
Prayer Focus

North Korea: Pray for the leaders in North Korea to receive visitations from the Holy Spirit and their hearts will be softened and they would find Christ, so they turn from producing nuclear weapons and work to restore peace, not only with South Korea but with the rest of the world. They are currently threatening to fire missiles near Guam, an US territory with 2 US military bases.

President Trump: Pray for God to extend his mercy and grace on our government leaders, and that America (and your particular nation) would find repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Syria: Russian military involvement in Syria adds a potential escalation to the conflict. This could turn out bad or it could be used by the Lord to end suffering. Pray for an end to this war and some peaceful solution to the upheaval.

Israel: Continued prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and peace with Israel's neighbors. Israel could be a great blessing for the surrounding nations.

ISIS: Isis is in a retreat mode, losing much ground. yet they are still very dangerous and would like to take their war to more domestic targets. Keep praying for breakthroughs in the Spirit that would lead to an opening and softening of their hearts to Jesus Christ.

Vladimir Putin: That he would present himself as an ally, not an adversary and that he would be perceived as an ally, that cooperation between the USA and Russia would increase.

United States: Pray for repentance and a return to Christ and biblical values. If America experiences a genuine awakening, the impact will truly change the world. Pray as well for the US news agencies that are broadcasting the news under their own agenda, rather than just reporting the facts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Lord said that His house would be called a house of prayer for all nations. At the center of the Lord's house, in the holiest place, is the mercy seat, where redemption for a sinful and suffering world is released through prayer. Your view that your culture is very corrupt may be precisely right. However, God tells us that He is looking for a man or woman who will intercede and stand in the gap for their people.

Every night my wife and I pray for our family, our friends and neighbors. We also pray for our community and America, our nation. We intercede for Israel but also for the Muslim world – especially where people are being destroyed by wars or oppressive regimes. We pray for people devastated by natural disasters, famines and poverty as well as those enslaved by human trafficking, drug addictions and gang violence. We also pray for reconciliation between North and South Korea and for revival to strike the Philippines (the largest Christian nation in Asia).

We believe that God does not want us to worry about the future, but to create the future by prayer. Will you join us?

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